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We've had some fantastic results so far!  Some of our clients are seeing at least a 70% increase in traffic to their websites within the first 4 months of launching Our clients have experienced impressive results with KAiDATM. Within the first 4 months of launching, some have seen a surge of at least 70% in traffic to their websites. You can learn more about these success stories by reviewing a few of our case studies.

Refer to a selection of our case studies below to find out more.


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Consarctic Logo

Thomas Dörr - Medical Devices


Consarctic caters to a very specific and niche market. Due to the highly specialised nature of their service, search volumes for their services are so low that precise figures are not available on Google. This made it crucial for Consarctic to capture as much traffic as
possible from many different countries to compensate for these low search volumes to be successful.

After only 4 months with KAiDA Consarctic achieved high rankings for their target keywords in Germany and several countries worldwide.


Currently (01/02/2023), is ranking for

+ 60 keywords on page one of Google in Germany, and in other parts of the world as well.

Keywords sample -  Page one -  Germany 23/04/2023

Life Science Cryogenic Products
Biofreeze freezer
bespoke cryobank
Industry Leading Cryogenics

cryogenics specialists
Life Science Cryogenic Products
BV45 controlled

turnkey cryobanks

View and download case study

View and download case study

Brazilian body and wax logo

Hariadne Brandao & Lucas Caldana - Beauty Salon


Hariande and Lukas tried SEO agencies with little success and no results. They needed a change, something that would set them apart and get them noticed online. That is when they found KAiDA.

After only 4 months with KAiDA results have exceeded expectations.

20+ keywords ranked on page 1 of Google. An increase of 26% in clicks. An increase of 52% in impressions.
This all lead to a 38% increase in sales in 4 months from website traffic alone.

Currently (01/02/2023), Brazilian Body and Wax are ranking for

+ 100 keywords on page one of Google in the Netherlands.

Keywords sample -  Page one -  Netherlands 23/04/2023

Keywords                             Search Volume

wax Amsterdam                         5000

body wax                                    500

Brazilian wax Amsterdam           500

body and wax                             50

Brazilian body                             50

Brazilian body and wax               50

Brazilian wax amsterdam noord  50

View and download case study

View and download case study

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