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Content Creation

Spend more time on your business, not content creation.

Tired of spending endless hours brainstorming, researching, and keeping up with the demand for fresh and relevant content for your website?

Look no further than KAiDA's AI-powered content creation services.

We use only the best AI writing tools, proven, tested, and built by real marketers who use these tools with their own clients to successfully rank thousands of AI-generated content pages without penalisation.


Our team of experienced marketers continue to refine our technology day by day, launching industry-leading training and resources that we use internally to stay current on the latest standards in using AI successfully.

By outsourcing the content creation process, we significantly reduce your dependence on expensive freelancers and in-house content teams.


Saving you money without compromising on quality, leaving you with time to focus on your business.

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How is KAiDA’s Content creation different than using tools like ChatGPT?

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While Chat GPT is a great tool, it does have it's limitations. 

  • Plagiarism Concerns: Using ChatGPT to generate content could potentially result in intentional plagiarism, as the model may draw on existing text without proper attribution or recognition.

  • Inconsistent Tone and Style: ChatGPT's responses and content can vary widely in tone and style, which could lead to inconsistencies in messaging and branding for businesses and organizations.

  • Limited Scope: While ChatGPT has been trained on a vast amount of text data, its knowledge and understanding are still limited to the text it has been trained on. As of July 2023, ChatGPT's data has a cutoff date of September 2021.

  • SEO: ChatGPT does not label, tag and optimize content to be SEO-ready for a good SEO ranking.


Choose KAiDA for more than just expertly crafted content. Our advanced AI content creator technology scours Google and analyzes the top-ranking content to produce 100% unique, research-supported articles for your website based on a single keyword, URL, video, audio, or blog post. Our innovative AI technology empowers our skilled writers to create and refine top-notch, search engine-optimized content for your website.

  • Overall, what is KAiDA responsible for?
    Subject to your service plan: - KAiDA is responsible for the proactive ranking of top performing keywords, as well as day-to-day monitoring, management and optimization of important technical SEO aspects for clients’ websites. - This includes: keywords, backlink recommendations, meta data, meta tags, SERP snippets, code snippets in source code. - In addition, KAiDA’s SEO experts will undertake a technical analysis of the client’s website to ensure it is fully optimized for the most important SEO functionality, such as mobile-first optimization, page load speed times, general usability and navigation. Should the analysis find any issues that need to be addressed the in-house team will make these changes, provided it is within their mandate. In cases where there are major technical issues that are outside of our team’s mandate (i.e. web development issues), the SEO experts will report to the client, advise and provide support throughout the process.
  • What is within KAiDA’s technical mandate/capabilities?
    Subject to your service plan: ·All back-end functionality that does not require any major web development and/or front-end content changes. ·In summary: all back-end functionality that does not impact the website’s front-end or fundamental operating system/web development is all within KAiDA’s technical mandate/capability.
  • What is outside of KAiDA’s technical mandate/capabilities?
    ·Front-end content, design, code or fundamental programming/web development. ·KAiDA cannot make potential customers buy the client’s product or service.
  • What are the main advantages of KAiDA?
    Covers the key aspects of SEO Prioritises proactive keyword ranking Costs between 50-70% less than traditional SEO AI auto-adjusts to search engine updates where possible
  • What does an KAiDA subscription include?
    Proactive ranking of 250 keywords Monitoring, management and optimization of important technical SEO aspects, including backlink recommendations, meta data and SERP snippets, content recommendation, analytics and audits, monitoring optimizations, monthly reporting and full technical support (See FAQ topic ‘Other SEO Functionality’ for more technical SEO covered by KAiDA)
  • What’s the main difference between traditional SEO and KAiDA?
    Traditional SEO is run by humans. KAiDA’s AI, on the other hand, is on duty 24/7/365, monitoring changes to Google’s search algorithm and auto-adapting.
  • Is KAiDA compatible with all the major web development systems and content management systems (CMS)?
    Yes, KAiDA is compatible with all commonly-used web development systems and CMS, provided the system(s) allows for changes to the front- and back-end.
  • Does my website have to be optimized for mobile?
    Yes. Google insists all websites are mobile-first to rank. Therefore, your website will need to be mobile-first optimized in order for KAiDA to work effectively. Please follow all Google Webmaster Guidelines found here:
  • Is there any guarantee of results?
    Yes. We offer a performance guarantee. KAiDA will rank 20 relevant keywords within 4 months on page 1 of Google. terms and conditions apply.
  • Will 1 KAiDA subscription get my website onto Page 1 of Google Worldwide?
    No. KAiDA works per region and/or, in certain cases, per country. Therefore you cannot expect worldwide ranking with a single KAiDA subscription.
  • How many KAiDA subscriptions do I need?
    It depends on your website’s geographical target audience(s), as KAiDA’s AI optimizes a website’s SEO according to geographical location, amongst other key factors. If you want to target more than one geographical region, you will need more than one KAiDA subscription.
  • Is there a free trial?
    No. KAIDA requires between 3 and 6 months to start delivering measurable results. Therefore, the minimum subscription period is 4 months, which includes a money-back performance guarantee
  • Does KAiDA work for new websites?
    Yes, but it will take longer to deliver results. This is because it takes time for any new website to gain the ‘trust’ of Google’s search engine and be ranked accordingly.
  • What language does my website have to be in?
    Languages with Latin roots, such as English, German and Spanish. KAiDA does not yet fully support websites in languages without Latin roots, such as Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese or Russian.
  • Do keywords have to be in any specific language for KAiDA to work?
    Yes, KAiDA currently only fully supports keywords in languages with Latin roots, such as English, German and Spanish. It does not yet support keywords in languages without Latin roots, such as Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese or Russian.
  • Does KAiDA work on all major web development systems and content management systems (CMS)?
    Yes, KAiDA is compatible with all common web development systems. It is also compatible with the most commonly-used template-based CMS.
  • How do I know if KAiDA will work on my website?
    We provide a free technical analysis to check for compatibility.
  • How many pages should my website have for KAiDA to work optimally?
    KAiDA requires at least a main page and 3 to 4 subpages with relevant content in order to deliver the best results
  • Will KAiDA work with single page/landing page-only websites?
    No. Because Google requires more than one page to rank websites well, KAiDA cannot work optimally with single-page websites.
  • Does my website have to be optimized for mobile for KAiDA to work optimally?
    Yes. Google has made mobile-first optimization mandatory in order for a website to be ranked and therefore KAiDA will not work if the website is not mobile-first.
  • Does my website have to be developed/designed in a certain way for KAiDA to work?
    Aside from mobile-first optimization, it is crucial that your website’s basic functionality is SEO-friendly. This includes usability (i.e. fast page load times), indexing, formatting, clear navigation and generally good ‘website health’ (i.e. there are no 404 errors, page duplications, etc.). Following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines ( is imperative.
  • How do I know if my website is developed/designed correctly for KAiDA?
    Our team will conduct a full technical analysis of your website at the time of sign up.
  • What happens after I sign up for KAiDA?
    After payment is received, you will receive direct instructions on next steps to take in order to integrate KAiDA’s AI to your website’s back-end.
  • What is the onboarding process?
    This is the process by which our team takes you through the steps needed to integrate KAiDA’s AI, as well as making direct contact with the tech support team, who are there to assist you.
  • How long does the onboarding process take?
    Between 1 to 2 weeks once the website is optimized.
  • What happens if there are technical issues identified during the onboarding process?
    The onboarding team will alert you to any issues. If they can fix some or all of these issues, they will. Otherwise they will generate a report of what you need to do.
  • Will my website need to be taken down while KAiDA is installed?
    No. Your website will remain fully functional throughout the integration process.
  • How will KAiDA be linked to my website?
    You will need to grant our tech team certain permissions, embed a code snippet and load the Orientation Keywords onto your website.
  • How do I use KAiDA?
    There is no need to ‘use’ KAiDA, as it is automated AI software that works on your website’s backend. You need only check your monthly reports for results and make the recommended changes.
  • Is there a Dashboard?
    Our live dashboard is currently under development.
  • Why does KAiDA prioritise keyword-based SEO?
    Keywords are one of the cornerstones of a solid SEO strategy for the simple reason that users are matched to websites via the keywords they enter into the search bar, or speak into their phones. ·KAiDA’s advanced AI monitors keywords around-the-clock, constantly suggesting better performing keywords based on Google’s constantly changing ranking factors and relevant search trends. The AI then proactively ranks the website for the relevant top-performing keywords. ·This ensures your website is always hyper-optimized for the latest and most relevant user searches.
  • What makes KAiDA’s keyword functionality so special?
    ·In addition to proactively ranking keywords for the website, KAiDA assigns a unique ID marker to every single keyword. This ID marker enables Google’s search engine to quickly and easily find the keywords and rank the website accordingly, thereby improving and stabilizing its Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) position.
  • What is the ID marker assigned to each keyword?
    The identification marker (ID) is a code in the meta data of a keyword, which makes it easier for Google’s search engine spyders to identify the keyword, its location and relevance. This, in turn, ensures top-performing keywords are seen immediately and ranked more efficiently, thereby improving and stabilising the website’s overall Search Engine Results Page position.
  • How many top-ranking keywords will KAiDA generate?
    ·KAiDA is capable of generating more than 20 top-ranking keywords for your website within 4 months. This result depends on how new the website is and how competitive your industry is. ·For example, if your website is offering a first-of-a-kind product or service within a relatively small and uncontested geographical market (i.e. bespoke clay earrings in Belarus), KAiDA will be able to deliver top-ranking keywords in just a few weeks as there will not be stiff competition for relevant keywords (i.e. custom + Earrings + handmade + Belarus). Conversely, if your website is a newcomer to the oversaturated real estate industry in Miami, there will be fiercer competition for top-ranking keywords and it will therefore take KAiDA longer to get your website ranked for the top-performing keywords (i.e. Miami + real estate + best realtors).
  • Is there a free trial?
    ·No. KAIDA requires between 3 and 6 months to start delivering measurable results, as such we do not offer a free trial, but you may opt for the 4-month minimum subscription with a money-back performance guarantee.
  • Do I have to pay the full amount at once?
    ·No. There are payment options: full payment for a 12-month KAIDA license, or a 4-month payment plan and various packages based on your website requirements. Only our setup fees need to be paid in order to begin work on your website.
  • Are there multiple subscription deals?
    ·Yes. On our subscription plans. Should you require two or more subscriptions for your website we offer special rates. Please contact your sales consultant for details.
  • Can digital marketing agencies sign up for KAiDA on behalf of their clients?
    ·Yes. Please contact us to discuss partnering with us.
  • What are Rank Up Keywords (RUKs)?
    ·These are the keywords KAiDA’s AI suggests based on the best-performing Orientation Keywords (OTKs). As their name suggests, Rank Up Keywords are those that perform the best to rank-up the website. For example, if one of your website’s 250 OTKs is “gym”, KAiDA may start suggesting RUKs such as “nearby gym” and “health and fitness”, and so on. ·KAiDA identifies Rank Up Keywords (RUKs) by monitoring search behavior and search trends. Adding the best and most relevant RUKs on top of your foundational OTKs progressively covers the top keyword-based searches related to your business. This, in turn, incrementally pushes your website onto Page 1 of Google search for all top-performing keyword searches.
  • Who is responsible for adding Rank Up Keywords?
    KAiDA identifies 4 or 5 Rank Up Keywords that are trending heavily every month. These RUKs are sent to you in your monthly report so you can create relevant content with these keywords. This ensures the website is always updated with the best and most relevant RUKs. You are responsible for creating this content.
  • Where are Rank Up Keywords placed?
    Rank Up Keywords are automatically communicated to Google and not loaded onto your website.
  • Do Rank Up Keywords need to be visible/on the front-end?
    ·Yes. As per traditional SEO practice, it is important to include a number of keywords in front-end content, such as product and service descriptions and headlines. But not all keywords need to be placed on the front-end.
  • How many Rank Up Keywords will KAiDA generate for my website?
    Using the 250 Orientation Keywords as a springboard, KAiDA will continually generate dozens of Rank Up Keywords (RUKs). The longer KAiDA is on the job, the better it gets at generating top RUKs, and the more RUKs it generates.
  • Aside from proactive keyword ranking, what other SEO functionality does KAiDA undertake?
    KAiDA undertakes monitoring, management and optimization of important technical on-page SEO. Including backlinking recommendations, meta data and SERP snippets, and content recommendation.
  • Does KAiDA cover Backlinks?
    Yes. Based on your subscription, backlinking involves 3rd party websites that we do not control so that portion is done manually as an additional service if required.
  • Does KAiDA cover Meta Data and SERP snippets?
    Yes. KAiDA finds missing meta data and fills it in based on the content it finds on that page. This will also appear in the SERP snippet.
  • Does KAiDA create any content?
    No. However, KAiDA does recommend keywords to use in content based on search trends that month. If you require assistance with content creation we would be happy to recommend a service provider.
  • How long will KAiDA take to deliver results?
    On average, you will start to see results within 3 to 6 months.
  • Why do some websites rank quicker than others?
    ·KAiDA’s AI does not discriminate between the size or type of the website, but it still has to work within the parameters of Google’s search algorithm and is therefore subject to the same performance-influencing factors. This includes all-important competition: the more competing web pages your website is up against, the longer it will take to get top of page search results. ·Another major differentiator in terms of competition is how long your competitors’ websites have been running, how good your competitors’ SEO is and how much they have spent/continue to spend on SEO.
  • How does competition influence KAiDA’s speed/performance?
    ·Massively. ·KAiDA is the world’s first AI-driven Technical Ranking Algorithm (TRA) software for SEO that delivers keyword-based SEO faster, better and at far less cost than traditional SEO – but it’s not magic. Unfortunately, there is no wand that we can wave to make all your competitors’ many years of SEO investment suddenly disappear. ·If you’re in a very competitive online marketplace, you need to have KAiDA on the job for a few months, plus invest time and money in good website design and user-experience, excellent content and targeted social media campaigns in order to get onto Page 1.
  • Is there any guarantee of results?
    ·Yes. Our performance guarantee means we will rank 20 relevant keywords on page 1 of Google within 4 months. These keywords will consist of both OTKs and RUKs.
  • Will KAIDA get my website ranked top of SERP worldwide?
    ·No. KAIDA works per region and/or, in certain cases, per country. It is not realistic to buy a single KAIDA subscription and expect to get worldwide ranking. ·Why? KAIDA optimizes on keywords related to, amongst others, geographical region, so that the AI can hone in and deliver the best results for the business according to its geographical target audience.
  • What will happen to my website’s SEO ranking if I stop using KAiDA?
    ·Your ranking will start to decline after approximately 2 months. ·Why? Google’s search spyders won’t crawl through your website as often because it won’t be constantly updated with the newest and/or best keywords. As a result, your website will be mostly be ignored by the spyders and your ranking will start to drop. At the same time, competitors who are actively investing in SEO will gain ground and quickly overtake you.
  • Where can I see my website’s results/track progress?
    Currently, KAIDA clients receive monthly reports.
  • How often will I get performance reports?
    ·KAIDA generates monthly reports for key performance areas: ranked keywords; ranking position; traffic; website health; etc. ·These are coupled with recommendations for manual actions the website owner should undertake to improve SEO performance, such as which top-performing keywords to use in front-end copy.
  • I need help in-between monthly reports. What do I do?
    ·Contact your Customer Success Manager. He/she will work through any issues with you and, if necessary, bring in KAIDA’s tech team, SEO experts and/or business development managers to assist.
  • What do I need to do daily?
    ·Once KAIDA is set up to run on your website, you have to do absolutely nothing on a day-to-day basis. KAIDA’s AI will take care of the most important SEO functionalities for your website. You can literally put KAIDA on the job, sit back and leave the SEO heavy-lifting to us.
  • What do I need to do monthly?
    ·Receive the monthly report, take note of the recommendations provided (i.e. keywords to use in content generation) and implement these (i.e. create a blog based on these top-performing keywords).
  • What else may I have to do?
    ·Respond timeously to any urgent issues that are beyond our in-house team’s capability or mandate.
  • What should I do to ensure maximum return on my KAiDA investment?
    ·Aside from following the recommendations provided in the monthly reports, it is advisable to ensure your website is in optimum condition on the front- and back-end.
  • Do I need to add new content to my website for SEO?
    ·Yes. You need to add fresh front-end content (content visible to the user) at least once a month, whether in the form of a blog, new offer/product/service, additional info or, at the very least, changing a few sentences to existing content. This is to ensure Google’s search spyders do not view your website as dormant, which affects its ranking.
  • Why do I have to keep updating content after KAiDA is working?
    ·KAiDA does not require content updates, but Google does. Therefore, adding fresh content in the form of blogs, pictures, videos, new products, services etc., is necessary in order to show Google that the site is still active, relevant and deserving of better ranking.
  • How often should I upload new content?
    ·We recommend you upload at least one piece of new content per month. Content can be in the form of new products, services, blogs, images, videos or, at the very least, updates of existing content.
  • How many words/ how long should my written content be?
    ·Google recently confirmed something SEO experts have known for some time: the length of written content is not that important; it’s the relevancy of the content that counts. This is because the more relevant the content is, the more likely the user is to stay on the page, and time-on-page is something Google values far more than long, irrelevant blogs with high bounce rates. ·For example, if you upload a 2 000 word blog that has little relevance it won’t do much to improve your ranking if users bounce straight off the page, whereas a 500 word blog that keeps users reading is going to bump up your ranking. Bottom line: when it comes to content, always go for quality over quantity!
  • Should my content be in any particular format?
    ·Yes, Google prefers content that is well structured for usability and contains keywords for relevance. Therefore, it’s important to have well formatted headlines (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.) that include keywords, as well as content containing relevant keywords. Keyword suggestions will be generated by KAIDA’s AI and available to you via monthly reports.
  • How do I know when/ if I should add content?
    ·The monthly report will include recommendations for content topics based on top-performing keywords.
  • How do I know what content to add and/or which keywords to use?
    ·Your monthly KAIDA report will include recommendations for content topics, along with keywords to include based on the best top-performing keywords at the time.
  • What if I need help creating content?
    KAIDA can recommend some good content creators and copy writers.
  • Does my website still need to be on Google My Business?
    ·Yes, this is highly advisable for SEO and builds brand trust. To maximise this feature we strongly suggest regularly updating your Google My Business listing and/or adding new content.
  • How many KAiDA subscriptions do I need?
    ·It depends on your website’s geographical reach, because KAiDA’s AI optimizes according to location, amongst other key factors. Ask your sales consultant for advice.
  • Why do I have to take a minimum 4-month subscription?
    ·On average, you will see improvement within 3-6 months, therefore a 4-month subscription is necessary for KAIDA to produce results. That is also the length of our performance guarantee.
  • Can I cancel my KAiDA subscription?
    ·Yes, but only after the initial 4-month period. Ts and Cs apply.
  • When do I have to cancel my KAiDA subscription so I don’t have to pay for another month?
    ·If you have taken a 12-month subscription Ts and Cs apply. If you have taken a 4-month subscription, or any other package plan, you may cancel by submitting a cancellation request at least 30 days before the end of the following month.
  • No one in my company has ‘computer skills’. Is this a problem?
    ·No. You will be fully supported by KAiDA’s SEO experts and Customer Success Managers.
  • If I run into any problems, whom do I speak to?
    ·Every KAIDA client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who they can contact directly for assistance.
  • I need help analyzing/understanding my monthly reports?
    ·Your Customer Success Manager is the person to call. If he/she cannot assist directly, they will call in the in-house techies and/or business consulting pros to assist.
  • I don’t know how to make the front-end changes suggested in monthly reports?
    ·Your Customer Success Manager is there to guide you through any recommended changes/adaptations and suggestions.
  • I don’t have the in-house expertise to make any of the recommended conversion/content changes. Can you help?
    ·Yes. Please speak to your customer success manager to make arrangements.



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