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Powered by AI

KAiDA is a full service AI marketing agency

The field of online marketing is an expansive one, offering a wide array of tools to optimize your digital presence. However, achieving success isn't solely dependent on one tool. Effective online marketing requires a diverse strategy, utilizing a range of resources.

This is where KAiDA steps in. As an AI firm, we specialize in selecting and managing the most effective AI solutions for online marketing, enabling your business to achieve visibility and success online effortlessly.

Benefits of our AI Services with Human Expertise

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  • Cost Saving: KAiDA AI offers a more economical alternative to relying solely on human expertise. It reduces expenses associated with overtime pay, employee benefits, sick leaves, and other associated costs.​

  • Scalability: Our AI systems can be scaled up more quickly and cost-effectively than human labour alone. ​

  • Consistency and Accuracy: Our AI tools can perform repetitive tasks without errors, ensuring consistency in tasks and is not prone to fluctuations in performance.​

  • Efficiency and Speed: KAiDA AI systems can process and analyze large amounts of data much faster than humans. They can work 24/7 without breaks, fatigue, or the need to sleep.​

  • Customised packages: Not all businesses are equal. KAIDA provides customised packages based on your business needs.

with our AI-powered services

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In today's competitive landscape, Artificial Intelligence is setting the pace!

Google's ever-changing search algorithm and ranking factors, driven by AI, demand significant time and effort to yield results. Businesses need to embrace AI to stay ahead of the curve.

Our AI services give you the online advantage

Content Creation

High-Quality, researched, original, SEO-ready content.

With tools like ChatGPT, website owners are rapidly creating content, but it lacks SEO optimization. Missing elements like meta tags and descriptions can harm search engine rankings. At KAiDA, we create SEO-ready, original content that's copy-write checked and seamlessly edited by human experts.

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Behavioural Analytics Software

See how your visitors interact with your website and make informed decisions.

Getting site visitors with little sales? Using behavioural software can provide you with valuable insights as to why? Where? When? clients do not go forward with a purchase. Make informed decisions on how to improve your customer experience with features like heat mapping to see where the focus is lost, recordings of each user interaction, sales funnels, click errors, and more!

SEO Keyword Optimisation

Boost all your SEO efforts using the power of AI

Harnessing the power of AI which will boost all SEO efforts by constantly communicating these efforts to Google. This helps speed up a websites ranking faster than using traditional efforts alone. All while searching for related keyword search trends and pushing these "AI found" keywords, AKA Rank up Keywords, to Google. These are not placed on your website by the AI, but only communicated to Google.

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AI SEO Website Optimisation

Optimise multiple web pages quicker and more accurately

With tens or even hundreds of thousands of pages to optimise, it's impossible for a human to find and implement necessary SEO changes quickly and accurately. At KAiDA, we use AI to scan a website and recommend changes. Thereafter, our human SEO experts review and approve the AI-recommended changes to be deployed and test the SEO changes, saving you time and money.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Unlock your stores full potential.

Are you tired of losing sales due to abandoned carts? Experience a significant increase in conversions, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue growth. Using AI technology that not only recovers abandoned carts but also cultivates a better relationship with your customers, turning them into brand advocates. While our text format is exclusive to Shopify stores, our voice capabilities can be expanded outside the Shopify platform and for abandoned cart services.

Traditional recovery rates of abandoned carts are between 3% - 5%

Our AI Partners recover an average 22% of abandoned carts.

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation."

- Dean Kamen

What our clients say

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Thomas Dörr, CEO
"We are extremely pleased with the results... I recommend KAiDA if you are looking for visible improvements in a relatively short time"
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Hariadne Brandao, Owner
"A Very professional team delivering what they have promised. We are very satisfied and would recommend KAiDA for your SEO"

Maximize Your Online Presence with AI-Powered Solutions! Elevate your game and revolutionize your online strategy with our cutting-edge AI services. Explore our blog for expert tips, industry insights, and success stories. Take the first step towards digital dominance -

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- Stewart Brand
Stewart Brand - Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road
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